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Amundi Conversation

  The Amundi Conversation - Podcast

Access all our Amundi Conversations and get expert insights on the main geopolitical events.


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2019.09.16 - A New Italian Government: What's next?

As a new Five Stars / PD Italian government coalition was just sworn in, what is to be expected? Enrico Letta, Italian Prime Minister from 2013 to 2014 and Amundi's experts will share their insights. 

Jean-Jacques Barberis: Head of Institutional and Corporate Clients Coverage

Matteo Germano: Head of Multi Asset, CIO Italy 

Enrico Letta: Former Prime Minister, Italy

Annalisa Usardi: CFA Senior Economist 


2019.09.13 - Financial Markets Volatility: Perspective and Analysis

Following a heated summer, geopolitical events and the economic environment will likely continue to impact financial markets in the coming months. Pascal Blanqué (Group CIO) and Monica Defend (Head of Strategy, Deputy Head of Research) will provide their analysis and perspective. 

Jean-Jacques Barberis: Head of Institutional and Corporate Clients Coverage

Pascal Blanqué: Group CIO

Monica Defend: Head of Strategy, Deputy Head of Research


2019.05.29 - Emerging - Indian Elections 

What’s up after the elections?

Navneet Munot, Chief Investment Officer at SBI, has provided his analysis on the political and economic impacts of the results. Yerlan Syzdykov, Global Head of Emerging Markets at Amundi has explained the investment consequences within the Emerging world.

Navneet Munot: Chief Investment Officer at SBI

Bertrand Pujol: Partnership & Services, Retail Solutions at Amundi

Yerlan Syzdykov: Global head of Emerging Markets at Amundi


2019.05.25 - Europe -  European Election Results

What's up after the elections? What consequences at National, European and Global levels? 

Amundi Experts shared their insights on the results of the European Elections and their consequences. 

Jean-Jacques Barbéris, Head of Institutional Clients Coverage at Amundi

Didier Borowski, Head of Macroeconomic Research

Eric Brard, Head of Fixed Income at Amundi


2019.02.21 - Europe - What to be expected from EU elections and musical chairs afterwards: who to be ECB Chairman? Who to be President of the European Commission? 

Sébastien Maillard, Director of the Jacques Delors Institute, and Amundi's experts, have shared their insights on the past European Parliament elections and the significant appointment to be expected in the EU in 2019.

They have provided a perspective and address possible asset allocation impacts. 

Jean-Jacques Barbéris, Co-Head of Institutional Clients Coverage

Didier Borowski, Head of Macroenconomic Research

Sébastien Maillard, Director of the Jacques Delors Institute

Isabelle Vic-Philippe, Head of Euro Rates & Inflation at Amundi


2019.01.16 - Europe - Brexit Deal Vote

Sir.Simon Fraser, Former Permanent Secretary at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, and Amundi's experts shared their insights on the outcome of the January 15th Brexit Deal vote by the British Parliament and discussed its implications on the UK/European politics and financial markets. 

Jean-Jacques Barbéris, Co-Head of Institutional Clients Coverage

Sir.Simon Fraser: Global head of Emerging Markets at Amundi

Chris Morris, Senior Portfolio Manager Global Fixed Income

Tristan Perrier, Senior Economist


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